7 Reasons why you should attend a certified NLP Course?

  • You may want to achieve more in specific areas of your performance.

  • Enhance your ability as a coach using your new NLP knowledge and skills.

  • Gain certification as an NLP Practitioner or Master Practitioner.

  • Get the very best from yourself and others with new skills and abilities in personal communication and influence.

  • Improve your ability to network with other organisations and create greater networks.

  • Gain a greater understanding of the performance and how to assist in changing it.

  • Provide a structured focus for others to unlock and achieve their true potential at all levels. 

What is NLP ?

Neuro- The way we experience the world via the our 5 senses. 

Linguistic- The language we use to describe our internal world and communicate it to others.

Programming - How we encode this information in our minds and use this to achieve our goals.

NLP is underpinned by a philosophy that when applied to any situation really allows you to get the results you want. It is supported by tools and techniques that create lasting change quickly and easily.

NLP can be applied in many contexts and is a multi-disciplinary approach to creating change and enhancing performance that gives the individual and organisation value for money and a guaranteed return on their investment.

Spectrum Affiliates Ltd is a company who delivers certified training in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Coaching. We are dedicated to providing our delegates with the very latest developments in advanced human communication and change.

Spectrum Performance is the first company in the UK and abroad to:

  • Deliver the NLP Adventure Practitioner and Master Practitioner Courses.

  • Use Spectrum as a tool for creating a change in mindset and results.

All training is conducted by certified trainers with low trainer to delegate ratios, ensuring the highest quality programmes and courses.