Coaching Management Excellence

(Coach the business to success)

The many benefits of using Coaching skills as a manager are well established across the globe with these being integral to most organisations who compete on the world business stage.

Delegates who attend this programme are normally interested in using Coaching Skills within their work as a manager and want to use Coaching concepts to develop their teams. 

 This is a natural extension from the performance programmes, which forms the premise of the Coach Manager award offering a series of models to be practiced and coached.   

This is a 3 day programme and the minimum standards for this programme are as follows:

Certified Training by Spectrum Affiliates Ltd


Home Study:                                                            30 hours. 

Contact Training Time:                                         24 hours.      

On completion of the programme the Coach Manager will be able to demonstrate the relevant level of competence in:

  • The principles of ownership and buy in.

  • Aligning the internal compass with the team vision.

  • Coachee motivation and focus.

  • The hurdles of performance.

  • Measuring Coachee progress.

  • Conducting a meeting.

  • Anchoring the future.

  • Use of feedback for focus and motivation.

  • Action Planning.

  • The Coach Manager in action.

  • The Bio/Psycho/Social Model.

  • Creating change.

  • Establishing Permission and Rapport.

  • Measuring sensory responses.

  • Taking a baseline measurement.

  • The ethics of Coaching.

  • The bases of management power.

  • Forming the management and team relationship.

  • Working within professional boundaries linked to role.

  • Recognizing the pinch points.

  • Planning and change.

  • Establishing a baseline measurement.

  • Determining the team level of need.

During the programme all delegates can expect to receive one to one coaching as part of the programme.

The main benefits of attending this programme are:

  • Use recognised models that develops your ability to manage your team.

  • Help team members overcome blocks to their performance.

  • Set purposeful goals and KPI’s aligned with the organisation and ensure your team achieves them.

  • Adapt your style as a manger to meet the needs of the situation.

  • Making best use of time through a better ability to use questions.

  • Address unwanted behavioural patterns with team members.

  • Develop a high performance mind set within the business as a whole.

The programme caters for all learning styles and includes theory affirmed by Coaching practice.

On completion of the programme all Coachees are offered the opportunity to connect with a mentor that is suitably qualified and experienced.

All Coach Leaders are also directed to work within the limits of their award.