Presenting with Ease 

(How to put the wow into presenting) 

This is a great programme that develops what you have already learned on ‘the other presenting skills programme out there’ and helps you take these skills to a whole new level. It is designed for people in business who are beginning to present more frequently in their career and are looking to lift their presenting confidence, professionalism and personal impact. 

From presentation planning to delivery, this hands-on practical programme is ideal for those making presentations to clients, business partners or suppliers and presenting to management, peers or direct reports.

This is a 1-day programme with the minimum standards as follows:

 Certified Training by Spectrum Affiliates Ltd


Pre-requisites:                                    None 

Home Study:                                       10 hours 

Contact Training Time:                   8 hours

These are some of the topics covered as part of the training:

  • Use of stories.

  • Presenting matrix.

  • Using questions with a purpose.

  • Creating state.

  • Putting it all together.

  • Rapport and calibration.

  • Framework for presenting.

  • Learning styles.

  • Rules of presenters.

  • Circles of influence.

  • Turning off the filters.

Benefits of attending:

  • An ability to create a great learning environment for your team.

  • Connect instantly to any audience.

  • Use an effective presenting frame that is easy to remember.

  • Present to groups confidently without the nerves that used to hold you back.

  • Apply the power of questions in the moment for a purpose.

  • Create the kind of training that influences your team.

  • Speak the language of motivation that is specific to your team.


Transformational Presenting

(Present with unlimited confidence and impact)

This not only builds on the knowledge of earlier programmes but it takes you to a whole new level of presenting.

 In one day you will learn indispensable presenting skills that will transform your ability to both develop and deliver highly compelling and impactful presentations. 

 This is a masterclass in presenting skills and is about rolling up your sleeves and getting involved in a practical programme to enjoy a learning experience. 

 Everyone will have the opportunity to receive incisive, practical, individualised feedback that develops the art of presenting.

This is a 1-day programme with the minimum standards as follows:

 Certified Training by Creative Race Coaching


Prerequisites:                                      None 

Home Study:                                      10 hours 

Contact Training Time:                       8 hours

Some of the topics you will cover are:

  • Creating group dynamics.Utilisation.

  • Reframing the group.

  • Embedded metaphor.

  • Dealing with difficult people.

  • Challenging perspectives.

  • The use of language.

  • Resolving conflict.

  • Communicate what you mean.

  • Coaching in presentations.

  • The learning continuum.

  • Accelerated learning.

  • Conducting a review of learning.

Benefits of attending:

  • Learn to use stories to develop compelling presentations that get a message across, and persuade listeners.

  • Develop confidence in gently challenging the perspectives that hold your team back, moving them towards the business goals.

  • Apply skills in the moment of how to resolve conflict within group environments.

  • Increase ability to influence others and sell ideas with recommendations.

  • Use proven coaching models as part of your delivery style.

  • Develop the ability to use the art of dealing with difficult people professionally.

  • Demonstrate a relaxed state when presenting to any group.