Personal Resilience 

(Take the luck out of your performance) 

This programme is designed for those who sometimes struggle to achieve when feeling challenged and want to take results to the next level whilst maintaining consistency.

 It allows you access to a series of strategies that have been tried and tested in high performance arenas. These have been proved to help prepare for and assist when the pressure to achieve is on.

 It also introduces you to a process that will help you adapt through the stressors, becoming more resilient and effective in pursuit of your goals.

This is a 1-day programme with the minimum standards as follows:

Certified Training by Spectrum Affiliates Ltd


Pre-requisites:                                     None 

 Home Study:                                       10 hours 

 Contact Training Time:                     8 hours

Some of the components covered are:

  • The components of resilience.

  • Negative impactors to performance.

  • The rules of resilience.

  • Taking a baseline.

  • Preparing for and working through the stress.

  • Using the skills to achieve results.

  • Planning excellence.

  • Happiness is the key to success and well-being.

  • Creating a strategy for success.

Benefits of attending:

  • Identify and understand the stressors in work and life.

  • Create a strategy for work-lifestyle balance.

  • Establish a start point for creating personal change.

  • Use drills that allow focus and control when the pressure is on.

  • Understand how to invest in your mind and body to create a high performing mindset.

  • Have access to a system that is evidence based and can demonstrate how resilient you really are.

  • Create an effective pattern of practice that ensures you become more effective in tough situations where performance is key.