Personal Impact Programme         

 (Lead self before you lead others) 

This programme gets you to consider how authentic you are when leading it is designed to take you back to basics after all it is your values and beliefs that creates your team.  

 Recognising the impact your influence has on the team is fundamental to great leadership and when you have an opportunity to understand what improves or has the potential to destroy your relationship with the team your style will transform the results you get.

This is a 1 day programme with the minimum standards as follows:

Certified Training by Spectrum Affiliates Ltd.


Pre-Requisite:                                      None.

Home Study:                                       10 Hours. 

Contact Training Time:                       8 Hours.

Here are some of the components of the programme:

  • Creating relationships.

  • Using feedback.

  • The bases of power.

  • Understanding personal motivation.

  • Reducing the blind spot.

  • Being authentic.

  • Changing behavioural plans.

  • Step to success.

  • The rules of personal impact.

  • Why mindset is the missing component of leadership.

  • What is authentic leadership.

  • Leadership styles.

  • The influence of attitude.

  • The components of performance.

  • Perception.

  • The blind spot.

  • Speaking styles.

The benefits of attending:

  • Apply the benefits of mindset to self in business.

  • Use processes to optimize time and make yourself more effective.

  • Communicate the message you want to your team effectively and measure it.

  • Use feedback to grow yourself and your business.

  • Feel good about the way you impact on and influence your team.

  • Harness the energy of your team to achieve goals efficiently.

  • Get rid of or break down the personal barriers you bring into your role.