Meet the team: 

Debbie Stott

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In 2000 Debbie arrived in the UK from South Africa.  Having had a number of her own businesses in both SA and in the UK, and also holding a number of managerial roles from hospitality to insurance she has a broad knowledge of what makes people function and how to the get most from teams.

In 2009 Debbie qualified as a Spectrum Trainer and Transition Coach, is now the MD of Spectrum Affiliates Ltd, and has been involved with the development and delivery of the Spectrum programmes around the globe since 2009.

With a passion for people, Debbie works as a Trainer and Coach specialising in the arena of sales training and succession planning. She also continues in supporting Mick on many of the bespoke trainings.

Her most recent work was with the most successful vacation club in Asia where she used her unlimited enthusiasm and energy as the lead coach and trainer for the development of their vacation consultant teams.


Glen Monks


After a lifetime of globetrotting and egocentric living, in 2005 my life expression dwindled and I found myself in survival mode. I had exhausted myself to the point of adrenal fatigue. Like many others in the world today, my hormones and circadian rhythm were out of sync. I had tried all the diet and supplement combinations and was practically living like a Buddhist Monk – only without the contentment!

After teaching for 5 years, I had now become a casualty of Yoga. Perhaps due to bringing too much ego and drive to the Yoga mat of life. An eight-year period of chronic illness followed. During this time, I began to find ways to nurture more contentment by following the principals of Ayurveda and Vedanta. Delving deep into childhood conditioning, I began to decode my own path of truth. Thus, I have a story to tell and aim to empower others while doing so. Don’t expect conventional, don’t judge me, as I won’t you.

Life is a classroom and we must be conscious, in our home and work home life, to learn from its lessons. To approach life, where we face our fears and relax expectations is ongoing work.

I learned to reboot my system following the path of Yoga. I did this from the ground up, applying what I was taughtby many teachers from across the world. I embraced the essence of Hatha (Sun & Moon) Yoga and how the chakras influence our physical health and spiritual maturity. After lots of different experiences, I felt the urge to write poetry and articles that could liberate my readers. Before I could show up, and hold space for others as a facilitator, I learned to face and welcome the shadows within that were holding me back.

My work now influences busy minds, that might otherwise bury themselves in the sand. I do this through –  Yoga based movement and resilience workshops using Spectrum Transition Coaching.

I feel everyone has a code, waiting to be unlocked, to reach their true potential and a combination of spectrum and yoga provides the key for all.


Mick Stott

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Mick comes from an armed forces background having served with the Elite Army Physical Training Corps for 30 years involved in the design and implementation of bespoke physical, adventurous and recreational behavioural programmes. After introducing performance coaching to the British Army in 2002 he resigned his Commission in 2004 to use the programmes he developed within business, and other elite environments.

Mick’s true passion is helping people achieve their potential by understanding the role and practical application of mental skills in all arenas of performance. His approach is designed to assist in the issues that compromise performance and his inspiring energy has lead many people through their journey of personal and team change.

Mick has extensive experience working in the field of Post Traumatic Stress Response (PTSR), general trauma and addictions, within business he has consulted for over 10 years at Senior Management Team and board level. He was asked to present at the 2013 BACP Annual Conference and wrote an article that was published for private practice called ‘It’s all about the tom’.

Within sport he has worked as a Mental Skills Coach with Georgia Rugby, Hong Kong Rugby, Russian Snowboard Athletes, GB Fencing TASS Camps, and GB Skeleton Team. The Snowboarders he worked with won Gold Medals at the last Winter Olympics and the GB Skeleton Team Coach has won more consecutive gold medals than any other in the history of Winter Olympic events. He worked extensively with the Hong Kong Rugby Union within coach education and the inception of a full curriculum. The mental drills of elite athlete’s programme is currently being used by HKRU and is supported with a full series of MP3’s and literature for athlete education.

The people who Mick works with are generally at a point where they have plateaued, are struggling to make a transition from one level to the next, or want to achieve more but cannot work out whatis holding them back. They often feel challenged taking the next step and are uncertain where or how to best direct their energy to achieve more.

Mick has developed his own unique approach called Spectrum Performance and Transition Coaching. It is research based and designed to get to the heart of any problem without having to delveinto the depths of content. It has been in development since 2004 and used in most areas of performance within the personal domain, health, business, and in sport. Its academic home is The University’s of South Wales and Central Lancashire where ongoing studies are reaffirming its place as a recognised model for personal change and approval by NICE.

The work itself is carried out in a group environment with any one to one’s being conducted in a private supportive setting. The educational element to this is infinitely transferable into one’s personal life creating a greater sense of well-being with its associated health benefits. Those who experience Spectrum can expect to feel more positive about self and understand the application of mental drills personally and within a team dynamic. They experience change quickly and this translates to lasting affects that allow more choice in their responses to what would have previously been stressful situations. A greater sense of well-being and focus are achieved, which translates into a brighter future with less effort learning and developing along the way.

His dedication to helping others is always at the forefront of the many programmes he delivers throughout the world.


Ian Gross


Ian Gross has a long career in business having worked predominantly in the Engineering, Petroleum, IT and Printing industries having held a number of senior positions in different disciplines along the way. Ian has also owned his own businesses and is an experienced business manager, consultant and entrepreneur with a number of business related qualifications.

Ian joined the National Sea Rescue Institute in 1986 and moved through the ranks from crewman, Coxswain, Deputy Station Commander and Station Commander. This is a purely voluntary organisation to aid those in peril on the sea and he was an active volunteer at the V&A Waterfront station in Cape Town until leaving the country in 2018.

Ian has completed the Spectrum Therapy training and is a certified Spectrum Therapy Practitioner as well as an NLP Practitioner and a Performance Lifestyle Coach.


Sarah Walters


Sarah is a graduate who specialises in media presence and is the focus for Spectrum Affiliates Ltd within this space. Her creative ability helps keep the company current and pro-active in how it represents its programmes online. Sarah has recently trained as one of our coaches and will be the interface for customer relationships and business applications and requests.


Kim Savage