NLP Practitioner 

7 Reasons why you should attend a Spectrum NLP Practitioner Course?

  • Explore the aspects of your unconscious mind and learn to harness its immense power allowing you to achieve what you know you want and fully deserve.

  • Learn to communicate the message you intended with a greater understanding of language and its capacity to influence ethically.

  • Learn the very latest change techniques in human dynamics.

  • Take control of your thoughts and feelings to achieve more in all areas of your life.

  • Learn how to create rapport with others to establish professional, successful relationships with ease.

  • Get the very best from yourself and others by applying new skills and knowledge using NLP.

  • Gain certification with Spectrum Affiliates Limited.

What does the NLP Practitioner course contain?

The NLP Practitioner course is the start of your journey into the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming. The course training shows you new skills and knowledge that have the power to transform not only how you think and feel, but what you do in every area of your life. With your new abilities as a Practitioner of NLP you will be able to guide your clients through their own journey of discovery.

Achievable Outcomes and Goals

Learn to set meaningful goals that are compelling and provide a clear focus for anything you want in life.

Sensory Acuity

Learn how to recognise and calibrate a person’s state and any variations that occur. Discover how to develop your powers of observation to recognise changes and utilise this to assist in leading others into more resourceful states.


Learn how to make meaningful communications at the unconscious level by utilising the principles of rapport in physiology and language.


Learn how you use the 5 senses to individually interpret your external world. Create internal representations that can be used to get the best from every communication.


Discover how we code our experiences and how we can change the finer distinctions of the modalities to create change quickly and easily. Learn how to apply techniques to eradicate any negative unwanted behaviours, habits or phobias. Understand how to establish new empowering positive states and behaviours.


Learn how to access positive resourceful states at will and realise those yet to be experienced.


Discover your strategies for everything you do and learn how to change those that do not serve you well. Learn how to quickly and easily elicit the strategies in others and utilise these when communicating or providing a valuable service.

Perceptual Positions

Discover how to gain an insight into the differing beliefs and perspectives of others, so that you can learn what the most ecological and most effective approaches are for you and your clients to enhance personal performance while staying totally positive.

Linguistic Patterns

Discover the deeper meaning of language. Learn how to use this to communicate exquisitely and minimise any resistance to conversation. Create change and influence others by using language patterns that are simple but very effective.


Discover how others think, their internal processes and what forms the basis of their personality. Understand how this can be used in different situations to achieve even greater results.

Parts Integration

Internal conflict can play a big part in preventing us from achieving the results we want in any situation. Review from the training how to quickly detect where internal conflict exists in yourself or others and how to resolve the conflict.

Introduction to Spectrum Therapy™

The latest approach in working with problems associated with negative emotions, it is ground breaking and innovative in its design and remarkably easy to learn and use practically.  Spectrum Therapy™ can be used in any area of performance creating remedial and generative change as desired by the client.

Spectrum Hypnosis Practitioner

Learn the different types of hypnosis and their applications in therapy and creating change at the unconscious level. Discover the truth about hypnosis and learn how to dispel the myths associated with it.

Qualifications Gained

  • Certified SpectrumPerformance Practitioner status.

  • Diploma Spectrum Therapy™.

  • Certified Spectrum Hypnosis Practitioner.

How can I become a certified practitioner in just 7 days?

Of course this accelerates what you already know and NLP is as much an art of communication as a science. Whether you bring a wealth of experience or you are young and relatively inexperienced the course will help develop your knowledge and skills along with the attitude of a great practitioner.

The training is separated into 2 segments as follows:

Segment 1

Is approximately 70 hours of home study. A large amount of the lecture segment of the training is digitally recorded onto MP3’s so that you can listen to them in your own time, when it is most convenient for you. You are also provided with written material in your Spectrum Performance Practitioner manual that you can refer to when the MP3’s suggest or at other times whenever you choose to. This accounts for a large amount of the lecture segment of the course so you get time to gain invaluable experience practising the techniques and interventions whilst on course.

Segment 2

Consists of 60 hours contact time practising the skills required to be a practitioner.

You are also asked to complete a test, which acts as a focus for learning the more relevant aspects of material required to qualify as a practitioner.

The course is designed to accommodate all learning styles and as such will include lecture, demonstration and opportunities to practice skills on a one to one basis. It offers a unique mentorship scheme to help develop the skills of the practitioner. All of our courses are delivered to a maximum of 20 people to enhance their learning experience and can be delivered from venues both in the UK and abroad.