Spectrum NLP Master Practitioner 

Some reasons why you should attend a Master Practitioner Course?

  • Learn how to conduct a comprehensive elicitation of values and make appropriate changes that will serve you best in pursuit of your life goals. Understand how these influence what you do and how they are linked with motivation and performance as a whole.

  • Discover the power of linguistics in creating change within yourself and others and learn how this knowledge can be used elegantly and effectively.

  • Learn how to elicit the filters of your mind that are responsible for how you think and what you do as a result of these thoughts. Discover how this can be used when communicating with others.

  • Learn the strategies used by yourself and others to achieve the outcomes you want. Find out the ones that work and the ones that don’t and learn how these can be changed to meet your needs.

  • Learn how to apply tools and techniques that will ensure you get the kind of results that elude others through ownership and powerful focus.

  • Discover the magic of stories and how this can create change by bypassing conscious resistance. Learn how to weave this into your linguistics and apply it in a therapeutic setting.

  • Explore the aspects of your unconscious mind and learn to harness its immense power allowing you to achieve what you know you want and fully deserve.

What does the Spectrum Master Practitioner course contain?

The NLP Master Practitioner course is the next step of your journey into the world of Neuro Linguistic Programming. It is an important step on the journey of personal mastery learning the very latest developments in human dynamics. It builds on the knowledge and skills gained from the Practitioner programme ensuring personal evolution on a number of levels. At this stage you become a master of communication and are able too apply these in different environments where performance is important along with a flexibility of personal style.

Physiology of Excellence

Before the course begins, you will be given an opportunity to become more aware of your physiology and how this assists you in everything you do throughout life. You will gain a greater understanding of kinesiology and how to use this knowledge in pursuit of your goals.

Quantum Linguistics

Learn how to remove the neurological boundaries that surround language and facilitate linguistic change in yourself and others. Become a master of communication and change by using the language of time and space effectively and ecologically. Learn how to use this knowledge of linguistics to move from impossible states to states of probability. Discover how to transform the thoughts of others by linguistically creating changes in perspective.


Discover how to elicit the values in all areas of your life such as health, relationships so you can evaluate how they serve you and change any that are unhelpful or do not assist you in your journey of fulfilment and personal growth. Learn the impact negative emotions can have on your values and how to identify when these are present. By understanding this, discover how to make changes to your values that allow you to naturally focus on and pay attention to the vales that will produce the best results for you.

Stories and Metaphors

Learn the art of easily creating metaphors so that you can utilise them in whatever situations you choose. Discover how metaphors can facilitate recognition of the power of the unconscious mind, and improve conscious/unconscious communications.

Anchoring and State Walking

Learn more ways to utilise anchoring to access the most resourceful states, moving incrementally into an empowering collection of states. Find out how to re-access them whenever you need or want to. Discover how to make significant changes to current results during activity so that the changes are most effective and lasting. Learn how to master our anchoring techniques to get the very best results.

Advanced Perceptual Positions

Discover how to gain an insight into the differing beliefs and perspectives of others in connection with therapy and other NLP applications so that you can learn what the most ecological and most effective approaches are for you. Discover also how to monitor your performance and receive feedback to make improvements whilst staying totally positive.

Advanced Strategies

Discover how you can elicit strategies in just a few seconds. Learn and understand the key components in designing the most effective strategies for achieving the results you want. Find out how to install them quickly, easily and effectively wherever you are.

Meta- Programmes

Learn how to elicit the advanced metaprograms in other contexts that will enable you to have a more in depth and valuable understanding of behaviour and responses to yourself and others. Discover how to utilise these metaprograms to maximise motivation in yourself and others while making the most appropriate choices for you.

Advanced Submodalities

Learn advanced techniques that will enable you to make further changes at the unconscious level including how to: eliminate allergic responses or intolerances, stop compulsive behaviours and reduce pain or discomfort - to name but a few!

Advanced Parts Integration/Conflict Resolution

Internal conflict can play a big part in preventing us from achieving the results we want in any situation. Review from the practitioner training how to quickly detect where internal conflict exists in yourself or others and how to resolve the conflict with the power of your unconscious and skills working together as team.

Spectrum Therapy™ Introduction

Is the latest approach in working with problems associated with negative emotions, it is ground breaking and innovative in its design and remarkably easy to learn and use practically. Spectrum Therapy™ can be used in any area of performance creating remedial and generative change as desired by the client.

Advanced Hypnosis

Learn additional ways to induce trance and the very best way to practice self-hypnosis to allow you to access the vast resources of your unconscious mind whenever you choose. Discover how to reach deeper levels of trance and how to utilise that deep trance state to gain access to the successful achievements of others so that you can install their excellence in yourself at the deep unconscious level. Learn how to utilise metaphor within trance to effect greater levels of performance and make whatever other changes are desirable - all at the unconscious level.

Personal Breakthrough Session

This experience allows you to apply your knowledge of NLP and how it all fits together when you learn how to conduct a full initial consultation utilising your master practitioner skills and abilities. It gives you the opportunity to identify the root cause of problems along with the pertinent contexts and establish what changes need to be made with the client. Learn how to use Spectrum’s models to determine how to plan the session and how to capture sufficient information and sensory-based evidence to enable you to monitor the change being made and ensure desired outcomes are achieved. Discover how to manage your own state as the practitioner and the state of others during all interventions. Learn how to conduct the entire session, which can last from 4-6 hours, dependent on the presenting problems. Experience the breakthrough session from the perspective of both the client and master practitioner as part of the course.

Qualifications Gained

  • Certified Spectrum Performance Master Practitioner status – fully accredited by Spectrum Affiliates Ltd

  • Certified Spectrum Master Practitioner Hypnosis

  • Diploma in Spectrum Therapy™

How can you be Master Practitioner Certified in just 10 days?

It is a pre-requisite for this course to be a fully certified NLP practitioner. This, together with your pre-study pack, will provide you with all the additional information you need to be prepared for the course. As with the practitioner training, a large amount of the lecture segment of the training is digitally recorded it onto MP3’s so that you can listen to them in your own time, when it is most convenient for you. You are also provided with written material in your Spectrum master practitioner manual that you can refer to when the CD’s suggest or at other times whenever you choose to. The 10 day course is separated into 2 manageable 5 day segments so that you have appropriate time in between segments to fully integrate all learning. In addition it allows you additional time to prepare for the second segment of the training. There is also a question paper with your study for you to complete and return to us. The question paper is designed to direct your attention to the key areas that will prepareyou appropriately for the course.

The course is designed to accommodate all learning styles and as such will include lecture, demonstration and opportunities to practice skills on a one to one basis. It offers a unique mentorship scheme to help develop the skills of the practitioner.All our courses are delivered to a maximum of 20 people to enhance their learning experience and can be delivered from venues both in the UK and abroad.