Interview Skills 

(Sell yourself with confidence)

This programme is about getting the job you want in a key career at potentially a life-changing moment in your life where success and confidence are fundamental.

Having some solid interview techniques and skills can make all the difference between you getting what you want or being disappointed because, once again, the interview didn’t go the way you wanted it to.

Our interview skills training will help you get to grips with your anxiety so you can actually understand and enjoy the interview process, presenting yourself in the best possible light.

Once you understand the dynamics of an interview situation then you can actually be more ‘in charge’ of the interview arena despite the possible power dynamics.

This is a 1-day programme with the minimum standards as follows:

 Certified Training by Spectrum Affiliates Ltd

 Pre-requisites:                                    None 

 Home Study:                                       10 hours 

 Contact Training Time:                    8 hours

Some of the components of this programme are:

  • Creating rapport with the panel.

  • Making a first impression.

  • Designing an effective strategy.

  • Preparing for the day.

  • Answering with a purpose.

  • The rules of the interview.

  • Knowledge, skills and attitude.

  • Dealing with difficult questions.

  • Putting it all together.

Benefits of attending:

  • Create a connection instantly with others.

  • Learn the patterns of excellent interviewees.

  • Deal with tough questions effortlessly.

  • Use feedback to maintain motivation.

  • Learn to listen and answer effectively.

  • Manage the stress when under pressure to deliver.