The Constructs of Personality 

(It’s all about how you think that gets you to where you are at) 

This programme is designed for people in business who want to know why they think the way they do and what drives personal behaviours when the pressure is on or off. It offers fantastic insights into others with regard to what makes them tick, creating better relationships and a deeper level of understanding.

 It helps you understand why you can sometimes turn people off or, conversely, harness their motivation to assist in achieving goals.

This is a 1-day programme with the minimum standards as follows:

 Certified Training by Spectrum Affiliates Ltd


Pre-requisites:                                      None 

Home Study:                                       10 hours 

Contact Training Time:                      8 hours

These are some of the topics covered as part of the training:

  • The profile of personality.

  • Reading people.

  • How it can be changed or influenced.

  • Recognising the constructs of others.

  • Utilising this knowledge.

Benefits of attending:

  • Use a process that will allow you to recognise why others do what they do.

  • Create a greater understanding of your team.

  • Use skills that allow a better connection with your team.

  • Speak the language of others to harness and direct their actions.

  • Use all of the styles to connect with groups.