Spectrum Affiliates Ltd

Code of Professional Ethics Trainers, Coaches and Practitioners

All certified members shall assist in maintaining the integrity and competence of the Trainer, Coaching and Practitioner profession by agreeing to abide by the following code of professional ethics as provided by Spectrum Affiliates Ltd.

The list below is not exhaustive and should be considered as a minimum standard:

  • Member shall conduct sessions at all times in a professional manner within a professional setting.

  • Member shall obey all country, and local laws and regulations concerning the practice of coaching and therapy.

  • All matters between the member and client shall be confidential. No third party shall have access to information given to the member/therapist by the client. exceptions: a) when the client has granted permission in writing to divulge private information; b) where life is at risk by withholding private information; or c) by force of law.

  • Member shall conduct sessions that comply with best practice regarding sexual and racial equality.

  • All personal information held regarding clients/patients is subject to local regulations ie data protection and where they do not exist UK best practice is to be applied.

  • The member shall have a responsible attitude in retaining the good name of the spectrum coaches by attention to personal conduct.

  • The member shall keep up-to-date with material and innovations in their field of interest by attending continuous professional development workshops as directed by Spectrum Affiliates Ltd.

  • Prior to entering into any professional relationship, the member shall disclose to the client the nature of the coaching, the purpose of the coaching, the anticipated length and potential cost of the Coaching.

  • No service will be provided until an informed consent is secured from the client.

  • Member shall use chaperones in therapy where required and gain authorisation from Client or Patient if not required. (Mandatory for children under 16 years of age).

  • If during the course of a session, information is disclosed that would suggest a referral or consultation with other professionals would be appropriate, the session shall be terminated and the referral or consultation shall be made if requested by the client/patient.

  • If a member is working by referral from another professional, the member shall only perform such services as are specified in the referral, and shall terminate the relationship after such services are provided.

  • A member shall terminate his/her relationship with a client when the client can no longer benefit from continued service and shall not provide service if the member does not have a good faith belief that the client will benefit from the services provided.

  • Where change programmes are organised member will ensure risk assessments are conducted and normal operating procedures are adhered to.

  • Where member uses therapeutic applications in a corporate setting guidance and licensing should be sought from Spectrum Affiliates Ltd for the purpose of quality assurance and adherence to limitations of awards.

  • Member shall work within the limitations of the award held.

All breaches of this code should be reported to Spectrum Affiliates Ltd via email on info@spectrumaffiliates.com

Spectrum Affiliates Ltd will pursue any complaints within 10 days of receipt and where necessary take action against members who do not comply with this code.