Advanced Communication

(Make the barriers disappear)

This programme is designed to take your communicating skills to the next level, recognising why it is easier with some people and not so with others but allowing you to break down the barriers with all. It is designed for anyone who wants to see their ability to communicate evolve into effortless exchanges that have a purpose and function. 

This is a 1-day programme with the minimum standards as follows:

 Certified Training by Spectrum Affiliates Co Ltd

 Prerequisites:                                    None 

 Home Study:                                      10 hours

 Contact Training Time:                  8 hours

Some of the components of this programme are:

  • Listening effectively.

  • Simple truths and complex lies.

  • Creating agreement.

  • Questioning for clarity.

  • Feeding back.

  • Taking a different perspective.

  • Knowing your purpose.

  • Putting it all together.

  • Creating and breaking rapport.

  • Recognising congruence.

  • It’s only information.

  • Opinion.

  • The rules of great communicators.

  • Utilisation.

  • Behaviour and intention.

  • Speaking style.

Benefits of attending:

  • Create a connection instantly with others.

  • Learn the patterns of excellent communicators.

  • Deal with conflict in conversation.

  • Speak the language of others and measure your success.

  • Learn to listen and ask effectively.

  • Use a new ability to influence your team via the art of conversation.

  • Learn to reframe and harness those who can only see problems.